FAVORITE WEDDING OF THE YEAR! Ok, so I may have only photographed one wedding so far in 2017 but seriously. It's going to take a lot to top this one! :)

The actual temperature outside was around 10 degrees and then with the wind chill I'm certain it was below zero! One of the coldest weddings to date. The day before the wedding a light dusting of snow had fallen which set the scene for the perfect snowy back drop that I know Heather was hoping for. So we pushed through and did a lot of hopping indoors to warm up and wipe away watery eyes just to go outside and take more photos. I say we, but really I was all bundled up. Alec and Heather have fantastic friends and family that were willing to do whatever to get these wintery images. 

The sun was shining and the sky was as blue as the bridesmaid dresses. Every little detail was spot on. But that's not what makes this my favorite wedding. Alec and Heather are one of the most selfless couples I have ever photographed. At one point during the day I saw Alec taking a photo for a couple of friends and Heather bused dishes after dinner! These two and their love for each other overflows into their love for other people. I'm so lucky and honored to be the one to photograph such a beautiful bride and groom. The care in which they show others makes this fun easy going couple anything but care-free.