Jess is one of my sisters very close friends and I've probably known her now for over 10 years. She asked me to take her engagement photos and photograph her wedding in October and I mean, come on. Am I lucky or what?! One thing I absolutely love about her is her contagious smile. She has to have one of the greatest personalities ever. You just can't help but be happy when you are around her. When I got word that there was a guy in her life and that it was looking pretty serious, I was over the moon! Jess has been in a number of weddings and supported so many of her friends as they walked down the aisle. Now, it's her turn!! 

I've met Chris now several times and he is such a gentleman. He makes her smile and when Jess smiles, I swear the world gets brighter. I'm so excited for these two and I can't wait to watch their love story unfold.